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Sierra Treasure Hunters Installation Picnic, Memorial Weekend, May 24-26, 2003

Taken From The June Treasure Chest

Due to too much snow on our “adopt a trail” at American House, the Annual Installation Picnic was held at the Lower Consumnes River camp off Iron Mountain Road.
Linda and I arrived before dark Friday night to find 9+ vehicles already in camp and before the weekend ended there were 14 more with 49 people. What a turn out!
Saturday was spent relaxing in camp with volleyball, badminton, horseshoes, kids games and a piñata to top it all off. The potluck dinner was set for 6pm so everyone could get their specialty ready and we ate in STH style. The awards kicked off right after dinner with a few surprises. The highlights are listed below...

Family of the Year: The Clements
Kids of the Year: The Clements Kids
Doofus Goofus:
(multiple misc. infractions)
Problem Child:
(no explanation necessary)
Issam Maalouf
Dance Trophy:
(a spectacle at convention)
Chris Collard
Best Mineral:
(gold from American House)
Steve Roy
Best Photo:
(Loon Lake at DSUSA Run)
Rick Kerley
15-Year Pin: Rick Stilwell

There were other pins to award to people not present on this trip. There were also other misc. awards given, but you know the 5000-foot rule!

After the awards we interviewed our 4 prospective new members. All present got to ask questions of our guests and some of them sure know how to lay it on thick! It was all in fun and they did very well. No one would go Snipe hunting though!

The Trail
Sunday morning was a little slow to get started but we finally headed out around 12:30 pm for the “Leek Springs Trail”. Periwinkle’s steering came apart before we got ½ mile from camp, but a quick repair got us rolling in no time. We made it past Capps Crossing and about 3 miles up the road before the first snow slowed a couple down. The next patch produced some casualties, John Hargis’ rear air locker developed a leak inside the housing, Shannon Kerley’s front end quit working and Bobby’s ZJ had no front tow hooks, making it very difficult for him to be towed. The 3 of them headed back to camp while the remaining 12 rigs pressed on. There was only one more patch of deep snow before the trailhead but we all made it. The trailhead had no snow and was only slightly muddy. It was a fun ride up the trail, probably halfway to Iron Mountain Road, before we hit deep snow that was very icy and did not compact much. Kevin and Mark made it a short distance but it was getting late and time to head back for dinner. The ride back was easy and we made it by 6 pm.

Meanwhile... Back At The Camp
We arrived to find Matt finishing up his camp repair, his alternator died on the way up so he rode into town with Kathy M for parts. While cooking dinner, the board members got together for a vote on the new members. I am pleased to announce we have 4 new member families: Jon & Mindy Cuppy (Jeep), Kevin & Kellie Kidwell (Jeep), John Hargis (Chevy P.U.), Troy Holmes & Jessica & Rebakah Stilwell (Toyota). We welcomed them during dinner and enjoyed another great evening campfire.

Monday Morning...
...topped the weekend in STH style with everyone pooling their food for a great group breakfast. There was enough food to feed Sierra Trek!
By 12:30 everyone was packed up and ready to caravan home. It was a great opener for the Summer Season! By Sly Park we heard why Bobby, Steve Medley’s cousin, did not come back to camp Sunday night. It was not because he and his girlfriend froze in their tent!! He wrapped his ZJ around a tree on the way to town for gas & smokes! They are both OK, but the Jeep is finished.

Thank you all for making it a great STH trip!
Your Past Trailmaster,
Carrol Bryant, AKA Rockcrawler

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