STH annual Turkey Shoot, Nov. 13, 1999

Carrol encountered some sparkplug problems on the way up to Red Dog. The sparkplug incident may have drawn the biggest crowd of the day.
With only 2WD and an open differential, Steve Roy couldn't make the treacherous winch hill #1. Ron drug his brother Rick down the hill to rescue Steve. "He ain't heavy...."
Carrol chained the freshly painted Boo Boo Bell to Steve's front bumper. A huge pot of chili and a spread of other delicious foods awaited us at the main camp.
Sergeant Hurricane laid down the law before the shooting began. Med-Fly watched in amazement. Rick, Ron and Steve watched in amazement too.
Both Chris and Steve shot 10 out of 10 pigeons in the shotgun event. Chris eventually came out on top and brought home the turkey. Linda used more shells than anyone else during her turn. Here she cleans up after herself.
"Safety First" was the theme of the day. Scott Salter gets a dose of safety before shooting at the pistol course.
Daniel Boone (Dan Elsemore) takes aim at the pistol course.
The kids were drawn to the Brat seats like magnets! Mr. President helped to feed the hungry troops after a hard day.
Steve and Kathy Medley announced Carrol Bryant as the second highest in total points. Carrol won the 12 volt blender donated by Larson Marine.
Rob Elsemore, with the highest total points, won the High Lift jack donated by Nick and Nancy Holden of S&H 4WD in Sacramento CA (916) 927-3919.
Larson Marine is located in Rancho Cordova, CA. Give them a call for your boating needs at (916) 635-8755. Rob Elsemore gave the High Lift jack to his father who was kind enough to let Rob use his gun, his ammo, his clays pigeons *AND* he brought Rob a heaping load of oak and cedar firewood to get him through the winter. What a Dad!

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