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Directions to Iron Mountain Rd, Mormon Emigrant Trail & Deer Valley Trail

These directions will get you to where STH performs Snow Patrol as well as one of our routes to the Deer Valley Trail.

Snow Patrol takes place on the Mormon Emigrant Trail (MET):
From Hwy 50 take the Pollock Pines exit, head south(ish) on the main road E16. Shortly after passing the main entrance to Sly Park Reservoir prepare to turn left onto the Mormon Emigrant Trail. Continue on the MET towards Hwy 88 until you see our greeting station in the middle of the road.

Deer Valley Trail:
Take Hwy 88, 12 miles East of Kirkwood to Blue Lakes Road. Turn right on Blue Lakes Road and travel 11.5 Miles to Lower Blue Lake (The last five miles being gravel road). You will come to the PG&E caretaker’s station/campground at Lower Blue Lake. Go to the left below the dam following the creek, there is a sign marking the trail.

Iron Mountain / Mormon Emigrant Trail map

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