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Directions to Barrett Lake Trail

Barrett Lake Trail is a fun out & back and is like the best of the Rubicon but non-stop. Recommend lockers front and rear plus all the other goodies a "locked" rig would have. This trail is seasonal. There is a sign a little ways up Wrights Lake Road that will tell you if the trail is open or closed.

From Sacramento go East on Hwy-50, go past the Ice House Road turn off, when you go through the town of Silver Fork begin looking for Wrights Lake Road on your left, its about 5 miles away. There is a sign on Hwy-50 and a open area so the turn off is easily seen.
Make sure you stay on Wrights Lake Road aka 11N26 all the way to Wrights Lake.
Once at Wrights Lake Recreation Area go straight past the info station on 12N24 and onto 12N77 which is Barret Lake Trail.

Here's a PDF map of the area. *Hint: zoom in! Go to the bottom of the map, look for "120 12’36"W", go up from there and look for squares 21-22 and follow 11N26 (Wrights Lake Road) up to square 32. You can see 12N77 going around the backside of Wrights Lake.
Google Maps offers an intersting view and this link is centered on the Wrights Lake Road turn off. Grab the map with your mouse and drag it around!

Popular gathering spots for this trail are McDonalds in Cameron Park & various eatery's in Placerville. Last chance gas can be had in Pollock Pines (Sly Park turn off) also if they are open there is a pump in South Fork.

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